Engine Sales

SKY SYSTEMS has created a network of suppliers with the capability to completely supply any engine and engine components for the Pratt and Whitney PT6A-21, 27, 31, 41, and 65. We also supply engines and components for major Turbo Fan and Turbo Jet engine like JT8D-7, 9A, 15,15A, 17,17A,17R also JT9D-7A, 7J, 7Q and 7R also the GE brand, CF6-50C2, E2 and 80C2. CFM56 Series.

Engine Repairs
Sky Systems has been designed for aircraft owner and operatos in their need to choose a reputable and trust worthy repair shop, to service their engine without having to worry if their interest is being taken as priority number one. We work closely with certified and vigorously selected repair facilities that will give you an excellent service in the overhaul or repair of your engine.

We can also work as an adviser dedicated to look over your interest when another repair facility is servicing your engine.